China Architecture: taking on the dream of a big country's brand


Pakistan ’s Peshawar-Lahore Expressway (Port Finance), Brunei Temblon Bridge, Congo (Brazzaville) National Highway 1, Algeria Grand Mosque, American Alexander Hamilton Bridge, Bahamas Island Resort ... Did you know, These landmark buildings that make people all over the world proud are all made in China, more precisely, they are all outstanding works of Chinese state-owned enterprises-Chinese architecture. Not only that, 90% of China ’s super high-rise buildings over 300 meters, 3/4 key airports, 3/4 satellite launch bases, 1/2 nuclear power plants, and 1/3 urban comprehensive pipeline corridors, etc. "Emergent, urgent, dangerous and heavy" key engineering projects, they are all from the hands of Chinese construction.

Today is the first "Chinese Brand Day" since the establishment of the State Council. As a state-owned enterprise, China State Construction Engineering Corporation has also used a lot of difficult landmark buildings to salute the motherland.For decades, with its superb technology, excellent quality and integrity, China Construction has used its own brand image to win the Chinese brand and even the Chinese image. Trust, win honors, win a bigger market and a wider space. The CCC people distributed all over the world are building their brand dreams into national business cards and taking on the national brand dreams. The "China Construction" brand story is not only the experience of a large global investment and construction company, but also the footnote of the times.

Brand is the country's business card

The brand is the country's business card and an important embodiment of the country's soft power. Shaping internationally renowned brands can often generate tremendous role models, enhance national pride and self-confidence, lead global resource allocation and market development, and enhance the country's right to speak in the global economic system.

The Chinese party and country have always paid close attention to brand development, and have always placed the brand at the highest point of the national strategy. The Party Central Committee issued an important instruction to "promote the transformation of Chinese products into Chinese brands"; the government work report pointed out that it is necessary to "create more world-famous" Chinese brands "; the" Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Outline of the State "proposes to "Strengthen quality brand building"; the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Brand Building of Central Enterprises", indicating the direction for central enterprises to build international brands.

China Construction actively responds to the call and deployment of the party and the country, will build the "China Construction" brand, and help the "China Construction" brand as an inescapable responsibility of the times, combined with the characteristics of the investment and construction industry, accurate positioning, leading the industry's progress, innovative ideas, Good top-level design, solid advancement, and strive for practical results.

China Construction entered the world's top 500 for the first time since 2006, ranking 486th.After eleven years of hard work, it jumped to 27th in 2016 and ranked first among ENR global contractors; it has been awarded the world's three leading credit rating agencies for 2 consecutive years S & P, Moody's and Fitch have unanimously awarded a higher global credit rating in the industry; won the Chinese government's higher honor in the quality field-China Quality Award.

In this regard, Guan Qing, Chairman of China State Construction Engineering Corporation, said, "Excellent international enterprises must have a world-renowned brand and a more influential and inspiring corporate culture."

After years of development, the "China Construction" brand image has been widely recognized by the domestic market and the international community, and has gradually become a beautiful business card for "China Construction". The "China Construction" brand was selected for the list of "Top 500 World Brands" compiled by the World Brand Lab for five consecutive years; Brand Finance, an internationally renowned authoritative institution for brand evaluation and evaluation, is the five leading international brand value evaluation authority-Brand Finance Ranked 44th in the "2016 Global Brand Value Top 500"; won the title of "Excellent Brand Construction Enterprise" by the State Council of the State Council for the first time.

Soul of the brand

China Architects deeply realizes that a company's culture and brand are symbiotic, and are mutually exclusive. In order to become an internationally competitive investment and construction group, China Construction takes culture as an important support and accelerates the pace of brand building. It designs the brand work system and work plan from a high starting point and a high level, focusing on building the brand system, brand influence and The key issues such as inter-cultural connotation, brand promotion and cultural publicity.

With the unprecedented baptism of China's unprecedented planned economy into a market economy, Chinese architecture has innovated in its inheritance, has broken through in competition, and its brand and cultural construction have experienced from spontaneous to conscious, from touching stones to crossing the river to the top design. process.

In 1996, China Construction took the lead in introducing the CI strategy in the domestic construction industry, implemented cultural integration and brand unification, and vigorously promoted the construction of the "China Construction" brand, which laid the image and cultural foundation for the rapid development of the enterprise. In particular, the "three-in-one" cultural construction project of cultural philosophy, CI strategy, and code of conduct has become a breakthrough in the integration of the group's brand culture internally, and has become a model for peer learning in the outside world, which has had a positive social impact. Leading domestic construction companies to form a whirlwind to create a CI image, which has effectively promoted the improvement of the civilized construction level in the construction industry.

By implementing a comprehensive and multi-angle image coverage of the project, China Architecture has found a carrier for brand building and communication through visual image design, and at the same time organically integrates the CI strategy and project management, creating the "process quality, price separation" , CI image "new project management model, with high reputation, high strength, high impact information to display the brand image," China Architecture "brand accompanied by the image of" garden-style "construction site.

In 2012, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation, the "China Construction Creed" was officially released, and thereafter the code of conduct manual "Ten Codes and Nine Chapters" was promulgated, marking China Construction's mission to "expand happy spaces" The brand culture system with "quality assurance, value creation" as the core value and "integrity, innovation, transcendence, and win-win" as the core of the spirit is formally determined.

Since then, a group of personalized vanguard groups, including Chen Chaoying, Lu Jianxin, Zhai Sihong, Wang Hua, and Zhou Yuqi, have emerged. Through these pioneering deeds, the "China Construction Creed" and "Ten Codes and Nine Chapters" were deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and became the group's value pursuit and code of conduct, and active responsibility and craftsmanship became the common pursuit and conscious action of all CSCEC .

At the same time, China Construction has integrated brand building and management enhancement. Drive the innovation of corporate management concepts, systems, mechanisms, and methods through core value concepts and behavioral guidance, leading the transformation and upgrading of enterprises; by carrying out systematic top-level design, improve the overall scientific level of brand culture construction; by promoting a unified brand image, clear The relationship between mother and child brand forms the "brand galaxy" of Chinese architecture. The spiritual background and value pursuit of the company's management approach are increasingly integrated into the "China Construction" brand to ensure the continuous improvement of the brand reputation. China Construction Design, China Construction Steel Structure and other professional sub-brands have become the first choice for owners in related fields. China Shipping Real Estate ranked first in the industry for 13 consecutive years in brand value.